Disney to release video game to go with new movie ‘Planes’

“Disney’s Planes,” a flying adventure video game inspired by the upcoming Disney animated comedy adventure film, will be available for Nintendo platforms including the Wii and Wii U systems, as well as the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS handheld devices on Aug. 6, just a few days prior to the film’s Aug. 9 opening in theaters nationwide.

The game will expand beyond the storyline of “Disney’s Planes,” offering players the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of flight as one of the popular characters from the film, according to officials with Disney Interactive.

From above the world of “Cars,” “Disney’s Planes” video game takes players on a high-flying, action-packed  adventure with Dusty, a big-hearted, speed-loving crop duster who is voiced by actor and comedian Dane Cook. Players will take to the skies with Dusty and other characters, including Ishani, voiced by actress Priyanka Chopra; Echo, voiced by actor Anthony Edwards; and Bravo, voiced by actor Val Kilmer, as they embark on global missions, air races and adventures around the world.

In “Disney’s Planes” video game, players play as one of 10 cast of characters on console and one of six cast of characters on handheld in either single-player, on all platforms or race against one another in two-player drop-in and drop-out gameplay on console. Players will roll, turn and loop their way through mission-based objectives in modes of play including a narrative based Story mode and a score-based mini-game that challenges the player’s precision flying skills called Balloon Pop. The exploratory Free Flight mode and racing based Air Rallies mode are exclusive to the consoles and the objective achieving Challenge mode is only offered via the handheld platforms, according to officials.

“Disney’s Planes” video game is currently rated ‘E’ for Everyone.

For more information: Disney.com


  1. pilotman says

    This will be a great movie/videogame for the kids and grandkids who love planes and have been flying since birth. The 5-year old knows most models of popular GA planes and a lot of fighters.Looks like Lightning McQueen and mater will have plenty of competition for the entertainment dollar. Can’t wait. The calender is marked for August 9th. Gives us a reason to go to work every day.

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