Air conditioning for Flight Design CTLS debuts

US Aviation previewed its integration of the FlyCool air conditioning system in the Flight Design CTLS at SUN ’n FUN.

US Aviation partnered with FlyCool to develop the air conditioning for the Light-Sport Aircraft.

Vents“We are seeing a 20° drop in less than 10 minutes on a 100° day,” reports Scott Severen, with US Aviation of Denton, Texas. “It’s a 9,500 BTU/hr all-electric system that fits in the right side baggage area of the CTLS. We expect to begin installations in May of this year at our Denton facility. We will offer an option to pre-cool the CTLS during pre-flight by plugging the unit in to 110V at the hangar.”

FlyCool is an air-conditioning system developed by Air Management Technology in Denver.

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