Continental extends TBOs up to 400 hours

Continental Motors has increased TBO up to 400 hours on Gold Standard Factory produced engines.

The majority of engine models manufactured after February 2012 will see TBOs increase by 200 hours with frequent flyers receiving up to 400 hours, company officials said.

In 2012, Continental Motors introduced its Gold Standard Factory Rebuilt and New Engines.

“These engines incorporate improvements in technology and manufacturing processes that have allowed us to increase the TBO,” company officials said in a prepared release. “The increased TBO is effective on nearly all Continental Motors Factory produced engines beginning in February 2012 as designated by serial number 1006000 and higher. Nearly all models will receive the benefit of a 200 hour increase over the existing TBO. Aircraft owners that fly 40 hour per month will receive up to 400 hours.”

“For more than 85 years Continental Motors has strived to deliver the most technologically advanced, highest value piston aircraft engines to the general aviation market.” stated Rhett Ross, President of Continental Motors. “We are pleased to offer increased TBOs at no increase in price as we continue our commitment to enhancing the ownership experience.”

Details on the new extended TBO are included in Service Information Letter (SIL) 98-9B. Additional information is available at or by calling 800-326-0089 or 251-436-8292.


  1. kishore patel says

    The TBO is time was recomended by TCM and as such the industry has been extending the TBO’s by 400-800 hrs depending upon 50 hour compressions checks.
    TCM sales gimmick i guess.

    • Greg W says

      The increase in TBO time is with replacement of parts, in some cases actually changing the model number of the engine. The 12 year interval remains the same only hours in service changes. This would benefit those operating under part 135 that are required to follow the manufacturer recommended TBO, those under part 91 are not required to overhaul at TBO. Many private aircraft are way past TBO based on calendar time and thought to not be at TBO due to total hours. The TBO increase is also predicated on an increase in usage, hours of use do not usually hurt an engine sitting and the resulting corrosion do.

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