Solid foundation for Beechcraft

According to a report in the Wichita Eagle, Bill Boisture, CEO of the newly reorganized Beechcraft Corp., told the  Wichita Aero Club on Monday that as the company emerges from bankruptcy,  it is “a healthy company with a good future. We’ve got ourselves on a good foundation now.”


  1. says

    While I am happy to hear that Beechcraft is back in business, it is hard for me to accept the boasting of its CEO about the company’s financial health.

    It is like if a dying patient managed to get various failing organs replaced by means of a transplant “donations,” from very reluctant donors, and by extortion. A bit of humility would be more appropriate, or is it now the new normal to screw up, and expect someone else to clean up the mess.

    The only reason Mr Bisture hase a job, is because many others lost theirs, and many more people and companies lost their hard earned cash – there is nothing to boast about!

    That said, I also wish them well.

  2. Richard Baker says

    Hope so. Beech is one of the old names that a lot of folks have known for flying, skydiving, and many other uses and i wish them well.

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