Glasair unveils new website

The new is now open to the public. The website was recently updated, made considerably more user-friendly, added social media links, changed copy and incorporated new photographs.

By clicking on the YouTube link, consumers will be taken to a series of videos on the popular Two Weeks to Taxi program and additional clips on the Glasair III.

“We’ve incorporated a wide range of suggestions from our customers,” said Nigel Mott, President of Glasair. “It’s amazing how websites have evolved and how we’ve been able to refine the content and product accessibility in the site. Tying into social media is almost a requirement these days, allowing for timely updates and needed expansion.”


  1. steve critelli says

    Im working on a Glasair I and found the nose wheel rubber bushing bolts very loose. Is this normal let me know also the pilots right brake master cylinder is leaking. Can it be resealed?

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