Sonex offers T-Flight Transition Training Program

Sonex Aircraft has launched the new T-Flight Transition Training Program, offering type-specific transition flight training for the Sonex line of aircraft.

Sonex was recently issued an FAA Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA) authorizing it to provide training for pilots building, buying or considering a Sonex design.

The FAA, NTSB, Aircraft Kit Industry Association (AKIA), Experimental Aircraft Association and others have identified transition training as a key component to improving safety in the Experimental/Amateur-Built aircraft fleet, company officials said.  Transition training in the form of dual instruction given by a CFI is an increasingly common requirement to obtain insurance for homebuilt aircraft, they added.

“We are extremely excited to be offering this service to the Sonex pilot community,” remarks Sonex CEO Jeremy Monnett. “Sonex Aircraft has been maintaining one of the largest and most diverse flying fleets in the homebuilt aircraft industry with a current total of 10 flying factory aircraft, including a personal jet and the world’s most advanced electric aircraft. Increasing the safety of Experimental/Amateur-Built aircraft and the worldwide Sonex fleet has always been a high priority for us here at Sonex.

“The timing is right to put the pieces together in creating this program, offering professional and thorough transition training with Certified Flight Instructors,” continues Monnett. “We hope many current and prospective Sonex Aircraft builders and pilots will come fly with us to learn more about the aircraft we sell. Preparing to fly your Sonex with the proper training and type-specific flight time is just as important as building the aircraft properly. The more prepared you are for your first flight, the safer your journey into homebuilt aviation will be.

Through the Sonex T-Flight Transition Training Program, students have the opportunity to experience training at the Sonex Aircraft factory in Oshkosh, Wis. Ground and flight instruction (dual instruction only) is available in the Sonex factory prototype aircraft, given by Sonex Aircraft’s own CFIs.

Per FAA LODA requirements, the training is for aircraft familiarization and transition purposes only. Student applicants must already hold a pilot certificate with appropriate category and class rating, as well as any required endorsements.

Sonex has created a pilot lounge and training environment within factory headquarters campus so that students can familiarize themselves with Sonex Aircraft flight handling and procedures via ground instruction and dual instruction flights from the runways of the Wittman Regional Airport, company officials said.

Training is offered in packages that include Basic Aircraft Familiarization, as well as packages created to suit the two most common training requirement standards set-forth by homebuilt aircraft insurance underwriters.

Group discounts are offered on ground instruction rates for groups of two students or more.

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