WINGsRealityEDU launches online flight review ground school

WINGsRealityEDU has launched a new Online Flight Review Ground School.

According to WINGsRealityEDU Co-founder, Michael Lessard, “Our objective in the Online Flight Review Ground School is to improve the pilot’s flight review experience by providing comprehensive training on the subject matter that continues to dominate the accident and incident statistics. Delivering interesting and focused training on these topics is crucial to keeping pilots safe for the next two years.”

Runway_Incursions_Screen_ShotThe program is delivered in five modules, and gives pilots a fresh look at the flight review process, he noted. It covers all of the requirements of FAR 61.56 for flight reviews, and helps pilots with an update to recent changes in the regulations. Other modules cover Runway Incursion Avoidance, Aeronautical Decision Making, and provide a lesson on Airspace and Airspace Rules.

The entire program is interactive and fully controlled by the pilot/student, according to company officials. You can go through each module at your own pace, spend as much time as you want on each page, and maximize your learning experience.

Once enrolled, you will have a 60 day window to complete the program. Most pilots will complete the modules over a period of a few days or weeks. If you complete all five modules at once, the entire program takes about two hours.

Pilots who complete the Online Flight Review Ground School also receive WINGs credits.

Your Flight Review Ground School, complete with a logbook endorsement costs $29.95.

For more information: Once there, click on Programs/Flight Review Ground School.

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