A new pilot!

Amy White, featured in a past post about her training with her mother, Vi, is now a private pilot. Her mom writes proudly: “Just to give you an update:  Amy took her check ride today (Friday, May 10) on her 17th birthday; she is now a licensed private pilot!” Congratulations Amy!


    • Mike Eubanks says

      Trying to locate an Ed Pataky I used to know from back in the 1970’s. At that time, he knew me by the nickname “Cowboy”. I owe him a sincere apology and am wondering if you are the same Ed Pataky that used to fly small planes out of Collier Field near Inwood Forest subdivision in Houston, Texas. If you are the Ed Pataky I used to know, you can contact me at (832)245-7176. Thank you.

      Rabbi Mike Eubanks

  1. Que Roberts says

    Here is to you and your day success… Hip-hip, Hooray!

    I remember mine as the best and worst day of my life.

  2. Graeme Smith says

    The tension on the Cessna 150/152 Club forum was palpable across the entire USA/Canada and the world till Amy called in to say she had passed. Way to go Amy!

  3. Mark says

    Having had my son as my primary instructor this past year, along with Windsong Aviation to finish me out for PPL/VFR, and also recently passing checkride, I would say KUDOS to Amy for passing. So many times we are cautioned, scared, overwhelmed by ‘know it all’ longer experienced pilots as PPL students and as new licensed pilots that we forget to ‘attaboy’ the accomplishments and the sheer exhilaration of flying trained well. Being 56, having a 23 year old single and multi engine instructor son, I just say I wish I had gotten started much earlier in life. We need to HURRAH all the properly trained younger generation of pilots we can, and be building the next generation of GA pilots and/or commercial pilots we need and want in our airspaces. Local EAA chapters have been my best organized source for encouragement, and suggest Amy find her local one and get involved.

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