Become a ForeFlight expert with Sporty’s new training course

If you’ve resisted using the ForeFlight app fearing a steep learning curve, Sporty’s has a new training program that’s full of basic how-to.

The course begins with showing you how to download the ForeFlight app and start your subscription.

“There’s a lot to learn on ForeFlight, and this course is produced for the everyday pilot. You don’t have to be a computer scientist to understand it – in fact, we intentionally made this course jargon free,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman.

Experienced ForeFlight users will also benefit from this course, he said. Just like when you discover something new your computer or iPad can do, this course reveals tips and shortcuts to make your flying easier. You will see all the powerful moving map features in action, including track up and terrain. One section provides an in-depth analysis of route editor to learn how to choose the right route.

“We’ve packed this 60-minute course with a ton of information, including how to keep your digital charts up to date,” adds Zimmerman. “We also provide a preflight iPad checklist we think all pilots should use.”

Finally, like all Sporty’s educational programs, the course takes you on a real-world flight. That’s the best way to see the iPad and ForeFlight app in action, he said.

Flying with ForeFlight [#7402A] is available as a streaming online course for $29.99 No software needs to be installed and the course may be viewed with Windows, Mac or iPad.

Flying with ForeFlight is also available as an iPad/iPhone App for $29.99 at

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