Michelin releases aircraft tire app

Michelin Aircraft Tire introduced a mobile application for aircraft mechanics, private pilots, airlines, military operators and others who have an interest in or use for aircraft tires. The app shows how to maintain Michelin tires to maximize tire performance and minimize costs.

The application provides access to the Michelin Aircraft Tire Care & Service Manual, a reference guide that provides knowledge on how to effectively maintain aircraft tires, maximize tire life, and reduce total cost of ownership.

Users will find information specifically about Michelin’s aircraft tires and tubes and be able to access a fitment guide that determines the correct Michelin products that are approved for each specific airframe. A Tire Wear Guide provides photographs and descriptions of the most common wear conditions for quick and easy reference.

“We recognize that most aircraft service professionals conduct their work out in the field and information that is critical to an airplane’s performance or safety might be difficult to access,” said Karl Remec, director of marketing, Michelin Aircraft Tire. “This new tool puts all the information they would need, right in the palm of their hands. As an innovation leader, Michelin is very excited to offer this first of its kind application from an aviation tire manufacturing company.”

The application is now available for free for tablet and mobile phones at both the Apple store and Google store.

For more information: AirMichelin.com

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