Pilot asks for help to publish children’s book

Georgia pilot Michael Badger has launched a new project on Kickstarter to fund publishing of  “Pilot Tails High Flying Adventures for Kids,” a children’s book set during the 1930s Golden Age of Aviation.

Pilot Tails will be a 36 page hardcover 11 x 8.5 full color book professionally printed and bound, henoted. The story follows Roscoe on his attempt at becoming the fastest pilot in the world. He is a young pilot who has worked hard all year with the help of his friends to build his speedy little racer. He is however, put down by the richest pilot in town who believes he can buy his victory. He wastes no time in bullying Roscoe into believing he can’t win and should quit and go home. Over the course of the story Roscoe realizes that with all his hard work and determination he does poses the ability to win.

“Pilot Tails will teach children how to rise above everyday challenges such as bullying and teaches them that exploring their interests and following their dreams is important,” Badger said. “Above all, Pilot Tails is a fun high flying journey that will stretch your child’s imagination and open up a world full of terrific possibilities.”

Contribution levels start at just $1 and Badger is offering rewards to those who contribute to the project.

For more information, click here.


  1. Fritz Katz says

    ” he does poses the ability to win”
    Jesus, I hope that wasn’t in the author’s own press release or this socialist fantasy will just teach kids sloppy English. Nice art though.
    If the lead character was inspired by the remarkable life of unstoppable Roscoe Turner it would be nice to give him a nod somehow. One of the few WW1 balloon crew, 20’s barnstormers, 30’s air racers to die abed in his mid 70’s. Won the US Distinguished Flying Cross and may be best known for long XC flights with his lion cub Gilmore.

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