Icon seeks FAA answer by May 31 on weight exemption

Kirk Hawkins, CEO and founder of Icon Aircraft, has asked the FAA to issue a final decision by May 31 on his exemption request to increase the weight of his Icon A5 amphibious light sport aircraft (LSA) by 250 pounds. He based the request on a new design for a spin-resistant airframe, according to a reort at AOPA.org.


  1. says

    Good luck! The boy’s at Cessna, their legal dept and “poliical pals” in DC (FAA?) will keep this from ever happening. If this is “OK’ed”, however, the entire LSA industry (Skycatcher) etc – concept is down the toilet – next comes the 150/152 on the list. Bet your bottom dollar Cessna doesn’t want to compete with its former aged 150/152 owners who we know will lobby to be the “exception” as well – “I said small unmarked bills”!

    • Ron Allen says

      Agree with Rod, however Icon has it’s contingent of political heavy hitters too. Check out the BOD.
      And their VCs have deep pockets as well.
      Never mind the politics and money under the table, this weight waiver should not be issued. The airplane should not even be considered for LSA qualification. Both mechanically and operationally it is too complex to be placed into the LSA marketplace.
      It’s gonna hurt a lot of people.

      • says

        Ron; But what were the Venture Capital (fools?) thinking? They probably didn’t finish the “12” step program they were enrolled in; “Say, Harry, ain’t like 67-68″ – Yeah, But Mel, good pot is good pot”!

    • Greg W says

      I agree with Ron, ICON knew, or should have known, the LSA rules when the project was started. Make the aircraft meet the rule or change what category it is in. The amphibian aspect already gave them a higher weight(+100 lbs.), to bump it another 250 is just wrong. The other manufacturers are fully justified to oppose this. It would be very nice if politics would stay out of engineering but that’s just not how it works. Buy American, Fly an Antique.

      • says

        Greg; Typical “aviation mentality” – build NOW – market (to who) later”!
        Icon’s idea of market research; how many goats were sold in New Delhi in 2012?
        NOTE: Sally Field in the 60’s proved a “nun could fly” – why not then another hair brain aviation project!

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