Pipistrel launches Pipistrel Academy

Pipistrel has launched the Pipistrel Academy, aimed at all future Pipistrel owners or flight school students wanting to earn their pilot license on a Pipistrel aircraft.

The Pipistrel Academy offers an online tool that interactively adapts to the student learning rate, according to company officials. The learning material provides an  understanding of the flight theory with a specific focus on flying Pipistrel aircraft  and is designed to assist students to complete the pilot exam in their local flight school.

Interactive online questionnaires shape the learning process and online mentorship complements the learning experience. The online syllabus is accessible from computers, tablets and mobile devices to offer Pipistrel Academy students the freedom to study for their pilot’s exam in the most appropriate moment and location.

Pipistrel CEO, Ivo Boscarol, says: “Among our customers I often see aviation enthusiasts who decided to start flying after a friend took them for a flight in one of our aircraft. They order their Pipistrel aircraft before even starting to prepare for their pilot license. They are successful, busy professionals and we want to help them by offering an effective training program with high standards. With this online tool we will help them to prepare for the pilot exam in any flight school worldwide with the confidence of taking all the advantage from their Pipistrel airplane.”

Pipistrel Academy Head of Training, Sašo Knez, added: “The Pipistrel Academy online tool is the result of 15 years of experience in teaching all levels of pilots, from recreational flyers to airline orientated students, individually and in classrooms. Flying safely and proficiently demands learning a lot of material and our experience says that presenting the material in the right order reduces learning complexity. Pipistrel aircraft are so innovative that we couldn’t select a better partner to present this innovative way of learning.”

For more information: Aeronavt.si or the Pipistrel Academy Online: Theory.si (website under construction)


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