Waco Flying Services launches fuel price matching program

Waco Flying Service President Clark Brooks has announced that, to help pilots contain costs, the FBO will begin matching all competitors’ prices, effective immediately.

“Pilots who present a receipt or written offer from another FBO for full-service avgas or Jet-A, dated within 30 days, will have that price honored by Waco Flying Service when purchasing full-service fuel,” says Brooks.

“We waive all fees, including hangaring and after-hours call-outs, for customers who purchase full-service fuel,” added Brooks. “We hope this new program will further enable GA pilots to experience what FBO service should be.”

The matching program is available to both transient and Waco, Texas based pilots and aircraft.

For more information: WacoFlyingService.com


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    This is so typical of the “noble” FBO entrepeneur who will surely make a lot of “freinds” — but will it improve his bottom line? Or better still; would Warren Buffet “back” these folks?

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