Wireless ADS-B receiver for Xavion app debuts

Laminar Research, creators of the X-Plane flight simulator franchise, have unveiled enhancements through third party hardware support for Xavion, its mobile aviation application.

Laminar Research recently introduced Xavion, a mobile (iPhone and iPad) product providing state-of-the-art synthetic vision, GPS navigation, instrument backups and a visual glide path to the nearest airport in the event of engine failure.

The newest features include a wireless interface with an ADS-B receiver providing weather displayed on the Xavion map. Weather information includes NEXTRAD, METARS, and wind data for the most accurate glide path calculations in an emergency. Xavion is compatible with both the iLevel and Sagetech Clarity weather systems. The Sagetech Clarity system provides the enhanced feature of traffic data.

For more information: Xavion.com


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