First flight for Tecnam’s Astore

The successful first flight of the Tecnam Astore Light-Sport Aircraft took place at Tecnam’s Capua production facility on May 27.

The Tecnam Astore is a new two-seat, low-wing LSA. It was recently premiered as part of Tecnam’s 65th anniversary celebrations at Aero 2013 Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Commanded by Tecnam’s test pilot, Captain Enzo De Blasio, the Tecnam Astore performed a flawless maiden flight, according to company officials.

“The Astore’s behavior noted from the taxi up to landing includes really short ground roll radius and good feeling with the oleopneumatic shock absorber on nose gear,” said De Blasio. “Incredible high elevator power during high speed roll and improved efficiency can be immediately recognized once airborne. With engine OFF glide, the efficiency ratio is higher than the Tecnam P2002 and will be measured with more accuracy during the flight test program.”

The Tecnam Astore has been developed by Tecnam’s renowned head of aircraft design, Professor Luigi Pascale.

The Tecnam Astore includes an Apple iPad mini supplied with each aircraft as standard. The Levil G Mini, using its WiFi connection, provides a full Primary Flight Display on the iPad mini using compatible third party applications, such as Air Navigation Pro or similar, company officials said. Additionally, the pre-installed dedicated app will compute the Weight and Balance, provide checklists and include all the Pilot Operating Handbook sections.

The LSA can be powered with the Rotax 912ULS, the new 912iS or the Rotax 914 engine. Operators may choose both mogas and avgas to fuel their Astore, company officials said.

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