General Aviation Appreciation Month declared in Washington

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has declared June “General Aviation Appreciation Month” in Washington state.

Washington is home to 135 public-use airports, more than 19,000 pilots and more than 6,660 general aviation aircraft. The state’s aviation system supports 248,500 jobs, $15.3 billion in wages and $50.9 billion in economic activity.

“We’re pleased for the support that Gov. Inslee is providing through this proclamation and recognition of the value that general aviation brings to the state,” said Tristan Atkins, aviation director for the Washington State Department of Transportation. “We encourage people to celebrate this month by visiting some of our state’s beautiful and diverse airports.”

The governor’s proclamation was informed by the 2012 Washington Aviation Economic Impact study, completed by WSDOT Aviation. The proclamation highlights how general aviation, aerospace, aircraft manufacturing and other aviation activities contribute to Washington’s economic health and vitality.

Learn more about “General Aviation Appreciation Month.”


  1. Jeff says

    So how about give us a break on finding auto gas we can burn in our airplanes, make premium auto gas ethanol free so we can afford to run our 80/87 octane airplane engines and save the environment from the toxic Lead in aviation fuel. Maybe a sales tax exemption on airplane parts, would help keep a few more airplanes flying. How about do like you do with the antique cars and quite taxing us when we buy or sell an airplane that is over 50 years old, same with the annual tax on the aircraft for state registration on old airplanes, everyone knows airplanes are not titled like cars and the real registration on aircraft is the FAA in OKC. Maybe if there weren’t all these extra fees/taxes I could help the economy in Grays Harbor and fly out for a $100 burger at Ocean Shores or Bowerman field more often. Jeff in Olympia

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