MyGoFlight unveils new iPad mini kneeboard

DENVER – MyGoFlight has unveiled its first kneeboard for the iPad mini.

ipadminiThe iPad Aviator Folio for mini is a leather, rotating aviation kneeboard, lapboard, and everyday case. The iPad Aviator Folio is designed to be as functional in the air as on the ground, according to company officials. As a kneeboard, it can be strapped to either leg with the clipboard on the outside. As a lapboard, pilots can access the iPad and clipboard at the same time.

The company also introduced new Aviator Mounts, which are pilot installable, adjustable, light weight, machined aluminum, and allows the iPad to rotate and tilt. Rotation allows viewing approach plates and airport diagrams in portrait mode, and enroute charts in landscape, officials noted.

The Jet Mount Yoke is for pilots who want to mount their iPad down in front of their yoke. The Standard Yoke Mount positions the iPad at the top or bottom of the yoke and can also be used on a glare shield. Both use a new quick release clamp that provides secure grip with a small footprint.

MyGoFlight Aviator Mounts attach to windshields, yokes, glare shields and panels and are available for many general aviation aircraft. MyGoFlight mounts are not permanent, do not require tools to install and as such they do not require an STC for their use.

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