Flying safety and General Aviation Security

Flying safety is the focus of the summer 2013 edition of General Aviation Security, the world’s only magazine to focus on the unique security and safety issues for the general aviation community.

“Safety in a flying magazine with the word security in its title makes perfect sense,” stated Dave Hook, publisher of General Aviation Security. “Safety and security are two sides of the same coin. The whole idea behind the magazine is to protect general aviation. Operating aircraft safely makes sure our airplanes are ready to fly the next time we’re ready to ‘slip the surly bonds of Earth,’ just like making sure they aren’t stolen. Same coin, just different sides.”

The edition covers a wide variety of safety topics. Bahamas Flying Tour Ambassador Brad Elliott keeps readers’ heads above water with his article “Bahamas Bound — Over Water Flying Safety.” Oregon Pilot Association President-elect Mary Rosenblum examines the roles of safety and advocacy within the pages of “Aviate, Navigate, Communicate…Safety and Advocacy.”

“Distractions and the Loss of Situational Awareness” takes a cautionary tale from airline operations and brings it into the realm of general aviation, thanks to author and aviation insurance expert Kenneth Brice. Co-authors Chad Dennis and Michael Mendez, director and assistant director of Middle Georgia State College’s Unmanned Aerial Systems Program, examine safety issues involved in integrating unmanned aircraft operations with manned aircraft in “Safety First! The National Airspace System Prepares to Welcome Unmanned Aircraft Systems.” Dr. Jerry LeMieux, President of the Unmanned Vehicle University, examines navigation of unmanned aircraft in his article “UAV Alternative Navigation.”

The flagship article focuses on the safety planning that goes on behind the scenes at air shows. “Back Stage Pass to Air Show Safety” examines both the regulatory side of air show flying safety and the common sense and laser-focused airmanship exercised by performers and air bosses. There are many interviews within the article, including an interview with John Cudahy, President of the International Council of Air Shows. And of course, there are many photos of pilots performing their amazing feats of aerial legerdemain throughout.

General Aviation Security is available online from Magzter. Release date for the summer edition is June 14.

General Aviation Security, a quarterly digest in its third year of publication, is the product of the media division of Planehook Aviation Services.


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