Turn your flights into a work of art

Sporty’s now can create a custom framed print showing the track map of all IFR flights you made in a time period up to one year. Using data from Flight Aware, this print shows all IFR flights, including departure and destination airport identifiers and the actual route flown.

“Then we add a custom-engraved plaque with the pilot’s name, N-number and dates,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “This print would make a great gift — for yourself or for a flying buddy.”

Prior to the final framing, Sporty’s sends you a watermarked image for you to review. The high-resolution print measures 26 inches high by 29 inches wide when framed.

Each print is limited to one N-number with flights from 2007 onward in the continental United States. When ordering, you specify beginning and end dates, the aircraft N-number and instructions for the message box. A typical print will take about one week to produce.

The Custom Flight Track Map [4713A] is available for $499 and may be ordered at Sportys.com or by calling 800-SPORTYS.

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