Dual Electronics now compatible with AOPA FlyQ

Dual Electronics’ XGPS170 GPS + ADS-B Receiver for Apple and Android devices is now compatible with the AOPA FlyQ EFB app.

The in-flight weather received through the XGPS170 seamlessly integrates into the FlyQ EFB app, providing all the benefits of the ADS-B broadcast, according to company officials.

The new AOPA FlyQ EFB is an iPad app that includes features such as split-screen, 3D synthetic vision, ADS-B weather, track-up, geo-referenced approach plates, wind-optimized autorouting, and AOPA Airports Directory.

“The Dual XGPS 150 has long been a top GPS for pilots,” says Andrew Ross, director of FlyQ Products. “We are excited to have FlyQ EFB take advantage of the new Bluetooth-enabled XGPS170, with both ADS-B and WAAS GPS receivers.”

The XGPS170 features a WAAS GPS and an ADS-B receiver for weather and traffic data. The receiver connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to two tablets simultaneously, leaving both tablets free to connect to other WiFi devices. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts more than five hours of continuous use, and a 12-28V charger is included. The XGPS170 comes with a non-slip pad that holds the receiver in place on horizontal as well as vertical surfaces.

For more information: GPS.Dualav.com.


  1. Ed Watson says

    I’m beginning to really like the J3 and it’s LACK of such gadgetry. But good grief in my Bonanza it would have been a winner.

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