Michigan’s North Fox Island airstrip under consideration

LANSING, MICH – With a letter in hand from Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources, Recreational Aviation Foundation Michigan state liaison Brad Frederick reports the RAF has cleared the first hurdle in re-opening of North Fox Island airstrip.

Located in Lake Michigan, 20 miles northwest of Charlevoix, the scenic strip has remained closed for several years. After a year-and-a-half of cooperative effort with the state’s DNR, Frederick said he is confident they will grant authority for future aviation operations and strip maintenance. Upcoming work parties will be announced to bring the strip into shape after six years of closure.

“It will be a magnificent recreational destination,” Frederick said. “It’s on a beautiful island covered in solid northern forest, surrounded by multi-colored blue Lake Michigan freshwater. It’s a rare privilege and great responsibility to use and protect the island’s integrity,” he added.

Frederick has also gotten a tentative go-ahead to make plans for the re-opening of Two-Hearted airstrip in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, once an agreement is reached with adjacent private property owners. This airstrip was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps. It is along the Two-Hearted River very near Lake Superior and has access to canoeing, fishing and camping.

“There are details to work out and documents to sign on both projects, but things should be moving forward very soon,” Frederick said.


  1. Will crowe says

    Looking for a small island too execute a week long survival training video, no tents,no food, just a couple of tools,the clothes on my back and camera equipment. Plan is too be dropped off by plane and survive for a week. Please let me know if north fox would be an island that this kind of survival training could be don. Thank you

  2. Dennis Reiley says

    When others start using the same acronym like the British RAF I guess it’s time to stop adding new acronyms and stick with the full name.

    • says

      I know what you’re saying here but–
      The Royal Air Force is fewer letters and easier to say the The Recreational Aviation Foundation.
      So let us have the RAF and spell out The Royal Airforce :-)
      Cheerio my good Chap

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