Scheyden sponsors ‘Super Dave’ Mathieson

Scheyden Precision Eyewear reports that airshow pilot “Super Dave” Mathieson has joined Team Scheyden and will fly a customized Scheyden MX2 aerobatic aircraft while sporting the company’s sunglasses and the soon-to-be-released True Aviator watch.

Super Dave became an airshow pilot four years ago and has now been flying for 27 years. During that span he logged more than 16,000 commercial hours on 175 different types of aircraft.

superdave2Starting in January 2014, Mathieson and his ultra-rare MX2 – one of only 11 in the world – will be featured in a major cable network reality series about airshow pilots.

“As a pilot myself, watching Super Dave Mathieson carving turns and rolling and tumbling his aircraft in ways I could never imagine simply blows me away,” says Jeff Herold, company founder.

In honor of this new relationship, Super Dave has christened one of his airshow maneuvers the “Scheyden Precision Point Roll Pass.”

“The lenses are just bloody amazing, especially for flying because they just crisp everything up, they take the glare away from a gray day and make features sharp like you can’t believe,” says Super Dave, who earned his moniker due to harrowing aviation adventures, including as a teenager by safely landing a float plane that lost the control stick. “Jeff’s background with flying means he doesn’t take the typical approach to designing the glasses. I know that these are made for pilots, but they’re really perfect for any activity.”

Available in a variety lens and frame combinations, category-specific highlights include the Revelry and Panorama Fixed Hybrid models that are heat-resistant and wrap for maximum sun protection. Additionally, hypoallergenic high nickel silver arms slip securely underneath headwear.

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