Blackhawk Caravan engine upgrade approved

Blackhawk Modifications has received STC certification for the PT6A-42A upgrade on the Cessna 208A Caravan.

The XP42A Upgrade Package includes a factory-new Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A engine rated at 850 continuous shaft horsepower (SHP). In addition, the package utilizes a new, wide-chord, 100-inch diameter Hartzell four-blade propeller; new composite cowling and high efficiency inlet duct; new 40% larger oil cooler; new Blackhawk Hawkeye DigiLog engine gauges and new exhaust stacks.

“The upgrade significantly expands Caravan performance margins; reduced takeoff distances by up to 40% at higher weights, a 50-60% increase in the rate of climb and up to 25 knot increase in cruise speeds. This upgrade changes the mission profile considerably by allowing the operator to carry more weight out of shorter runways in less time for lower operating costs than ever before,” said Blackhawk President Jim Allmon.

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