Campground reopened at LRG

LINCOLN, Maine — The Town of Lincoln has reopened the former private aviation campground on the banks of the Penobscot River at the Lincoln Regional Airport (LRG) in Maine.

David Lloyd, the town’s public works director and airport manager, was instrumental in convincing the town council that the property should stay intact to offer recreational opportunities for the pilot community, according to officials with the Maine Aeronautics Association (MAA).

Lisa Reece, MAA president, has been working with Lloyd on a plan to provide pilots with a place to come together and camp.

Steve Williams (SPA), Lisa Reece (MAA), David Lloyd (Town of Lincoln), Steve McCaughey (SPA) survey the Lincoln Regional Airport campground

Steve Williams (SPA), Lisa Reece (MAA), David Lloyd (Town of Lincoln), and Steve McCaughey (SPA) survey the Lincoln Regional Airport campground

“This is a unique opportunity for the town and the aviation community, and this brings in a whole different group of people who will be using the facility and coming to Lincoln,” Reece said. “This is a beautiful place where all pilots, whether they fly floats or are on wheels, can camp together and we are very excited about the possibilities.”

Lloyd said he did not want this piece of property to go unused.

“Everything is here, it would be a shame to just let it go,” he added

The campground at the end of runway 17 includes a small office, bath houses (with hot water) for both men and women and approximately 10 campsites. Some sites include electricity and water.

“I want it to be a destination for pilots,” Lloyd said.

Other aviation representatives in attendance were Steve Williams, Maine field director for the Seaplane Pilots Association (SPA), Steve McCaughey, executive director of the SPA, and Andy Rowe, Maine liaison for the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF). They in turn spoke about the exciting opportunities the property will provide for all pilots and for the town of Lincoln.

“Securing this simply spectacular campground creates a significant win-win situation for both the community of Lincoln and pilots flying to this amazingly beautiful area of Northern Maine,” McCaughey said.

He also said he looks forward to using the facility to learn how to replicate what was done in Lincoln and to help create other similar facilities across Maine and the entire country.

The MAA, in partnership with the SPA and the RAF, will work with Lloyd and his crew to maintain, improve and develop the facility.

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  1. James M Brewer says

    Outstanding addition to the Maine experience! I plan on useing this airport/campsite
    later this summer. Thanks!

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