New editions of Visualized Flight Maneuvers released

Just released are the latest editions of “Visualized Flight Maneuvers” for high- and low-wing aircraft.

These maneuvers manuals cover all the flight maneuvers required for Private, Sport, Commercial, and Flight Instructor certification. Each maneuver is depicted in detail according to type of aircraft in which the lesson will take place, states the objective of the task, and lists the practical test standards required.

Both books are illustrated with fold-out pages that show each maneuver on a one-page spread so readers absorb all the visual and textual information at once, according to ASA officials.

The new third editions have been updated to reflect current practical test standards, including emergency descent and accelerated stalls.

Full descriptions of stalls, slips, and ground reference maneuvers, as well as short, soft, and crosswind takeoffs and landings are included; with suggested checklists for everything from preflight to takeoffs and landings, performance, and checkrides.

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