Sporty’s debuts Warbird sculptures

Sporty’s Wright Bros. Collection introduces two World War II era sculptures: A fighter and a bomber (pictured above). Crafted of resin and painted in precise detail, these sculptures may be hung on a wall or displayed on a desk or bookcase.

The front silhouette of the Fighter (pictured below) carries D-Day markings and spinning propeller. With two keyhole hangers, the Fighter measures about 5.25”h x 18.75”l x 7.6”d overall.

FighterThe Bomber Wall Sculpture has four engines and spinning propellers as well. With three keyhole hangers, the Bomber measures about 4”h x 12”l x 3”d overall.

The Bomber Wall Sculpture [2835W] and the Fighter Wall Sculpture [3075W] are each available for $59.99.

For more information: or 800-SPORTYS.


  1. fritz katz says

    Where are they manufactured… and, if asia, who won the war again?

    Sporty’s, EAA, and others could encourage/find/restart USA sources for much of the present 98% of their stuff that arrives by boat… but that would take a concerted, patriotic effort. Kinda appropriate for this item, no?

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