Mohr wins landing contest at AUW

WAUSAU, Wis. — Wausau pilot Robert Mohr has won the Grimm Trophy at the Wausau Downtown Airport (AUW) following a month-long landing contest to raise money and food for charity.

Mohr, along with 11 other area pilots, contributed $2, or $1 and a food item, for each separate attempt to land closest to a line across the runway.

photo 2The competition was called “Landings For Lunches” because of its goal of raising cash and food to help feed those in need, according to airport officials.

Mohr’s winning landing was just 6 inches from the line. He also tied Rico Jaeger for second place with a touchdown 1 foot from the line.

All of the food and cash contributions go to The Neighbors’ Place, a Wausau food pantry. Mohr donated his cash prize to the contribution, making a total of more than $1,000 donated, as well as a large number of non-perishable food items.

photoSeveral local businesses sponsored the contest and contributed matching cash to increase the donations: Christian Family Medical Clinic, Kocourek Automotive Group, Philips 66, The Neighbors’ Place, Wausau Flying Service, the City of Wausau, Security Realty, Mohr’s Automotive, First Impressions, Jones Cabinetry and Aircraft Maintenance of Wausau.

Precision landing competitions, also known as spot landings, challenges pilots to have their main wheels touch down on or as close as possible beyond a line across the runway. Landings short of the line, or more than 100 feet past the line, do not qualify.

The competition will return in May 2014 and is open to all licensed pilots who register in advance of their attempts, airport officials said.

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