Victor debuts Oxy-Fuel Torch

ST. LOUIS – Victor Technologies has introduced the Victor 400 Series oxy-fuel torch.

The 400 Series features a two-piece torch design. The patented contoured handle has size and shape that fits naturally in most people’s hands and a textured grip, company officials said.

The handle uses an engineered zinc-aluminum alloy called Zamak that has three times its strength of brass, so it better resists deformation, officials add.

MEDALIST-350Victor color-coded and labeled the oxygen and fuel valves for instant identification and easier operation by indicating directions for open and closed valve positions, according to company officials.

The 400 Series is compatible with current 300 Series consumables and accessories and meets or exceeds performance and durability expectations of a Victor torch.

The 400 Series cutting attachment provides excellent line-of-sight visibility, company officials said, explaining the company accomplished this by departing from its traditional tube-in-tube design to a sleeker three-tube design (oxy-fuel cutting requires three tubes, one each for fuel gas, pre-heat oxygen and cutting oxygen).

The new tube design optimizes cutting area visibility while providing strength and supporting gas flow rate requirements for tip sizes 000 through 6. The 400 Series uses a universal mixer design and mixes the gases in the head of the torch. Like all Victor torches, it enables operators to use one torch for all fuels (acetylene, propylene, propane, etc.) simply by selecting the correct tips or attachments.

The Victor 400 torch is available in medium- and heavy-duty models and also sold as part of the Medalist 250 and Medalist 350 outfits. Outfits include the torch handle, cutting attachment, welding tip, G Series regulators and hoses.

The medium-duty oxy-acetylene output has a list price of $354 and the heavy-duty oxy-acetylene outfit has a list price of $443. Outfits for use with alternate fuel (propane, propylene) are slightly higher.

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