Cessna TTX now with CAV Ice Protection FIKI system

NEW CENTURY AIRPORT, Kan., June 24, 2013 – CAV Ice Protection’s patented TKS system for Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) is scheduled to enter service with Cessna’s new single-engine TTx aircraft by early 2014.

“The Cessna TTx can now be ordered with the optional CAV Ice Protection FIKI system,” said Jodi Noah, Senior Vice President, Cessna Single Engine/Propeller Aircraft. “With ice protection and an operating ceiling of 25,000 feet, the TTx will give pilots greater flexibility to plan flights in varying weather conditions.”

When delivered, this FIKI system will be approved to the latest and most rigorous standards by the FAA, according to CAV Ice Protection’s Ken Weaver.

CAV Ice Protection’s TKS system uses flush-mounted titanium leading edge panels for the wings and horizontal and vertical stabilizers. The panels have laser-drilled holes that secrete TKS ice protection fluid.

Intrinzic monitoring of the TKS ice protection system is integrated into the TTx’s Garmin G2000 cockpit display, indicating operational status. Pilots can select three flow rate settings via panel switches depending on the existing icing conditions: NORM, HIGH and MAX. The system includes a backup mode to provide pump redundancy. The propeller and the windshield are also protected by TKS fluid.

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