‘Flying the Cessna 210: The Secrets Unlocked’ released

Just released is “Flying the Cessna 210: The Secrets Unlocked,” an all-new primer on owning and flying the Cessna 210 by six-time Master CFI Chuck McGill.

The book helps aviators master the art of piloting this complex airplane, according to the author, who offers his wisdom on optimum performance and safe operations based on his thousands of hours of flying and teaching in the airplane.

Flying the Cessna 210 includes:mcgill-cover-flying-the-cessna-210-front-small

  • Tips and techniques for preflight, taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, and landing operations not found in any POH
  • Discussions on many accessories and modifications found throughout the fleet
  • Knowledge on how to maximize versatility and utility on all 210 models
  • 114 full-color photographs and illustrations over 11 chapters, plus appendix

McGill said he wrote the book to extend pilots’ knowledge far beyond a POH and to help them safely get optimum performance and longevity from their airplanes.

For more information: SafeFlightIntl.com


  1. DON MILLER says

    Where can I purchase this book? I’ve owned 2 C-210’s and its a great airplane but there is always more to learn. My current one is a great workhorse.

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