FAA needs better budget management

While the FAA is charging airshows for ATC services, it appears the agency could reap billions of dollars in cost savings simply by implementing better management and business practices. According to a report from Aviation International News, analyses by the Department of Transportation and the Government Accountability Office show that overruns in the NextGen program and a resistance to consolidating Air Traffic Control centers is a big part of the problem.


  1. Kimberly Bush says

    Ah, NextGen, the “No Pilot Left Behind” program for aviation. However, pilots are known for appreciating bright shiny toys and moving pictures vs. words and endless talking.
    Never mind bringing aviation into the 21st century as envisioned by “The Jetsons” when we were children. Let’s look at the full spectrum of aviation:
    Lots of people saved a bit of money (or paid off a loan, or built/reconstructed a plane) for the privilege of being known as ‘an aircraft owner’. This includes many kits that were built according to specs and flight tested by the MANUFACTURER (or his representative) rather than the builder.
    Has your computer caused you any fits lately?
    Are you completely and totally comfortable with a computer controlling your movements?
    Can you trust a computer to know that your right tire was ‘just a bit low’ when you took off to land you accordingly?
    Then Next Gen is the answers to all your prayers.

    No flying SKILLS required.

  2. says

    Are you kidding? What branch of the government is run like a profitable business? There are no stockholders. instead “Here’s a couple’a’billion. Please make sure you spend it all otherwise next year, you will get only what you spent!” Is is also not obvious when the FAA wants new user fees with a whole new bureaucracy to collect the funds when the fuel tax is supposed to fund much of the FAA? By the way, I did a quick calculation on the 10,000 a/c’s flying to and from Oshkosh…about $400,000 in fuel tax would be generated.

  3. Kent Misegades says

    Just like government schools, bad habits are so deeply intrenched in the FAA that the only solution is to start over with the private sector. Industry groups such as the ASTM are all we need for certification, it sure works well for the LSA class. Most ATC services can be found on my iPad from private sources. Where towers are truly needed there are plenty of private controllers willing to o the work, without unions getting in the way. SAABs Remote Tower concept would save millions and use computers to replace many controller functions. ADS-B existed years ago as the low-cost FLARM system developed by a few sharp sailplane pilots from Switzerland. Free markets and Capitalism work wonders when allowed to exist, anyone remember Ma Bell?

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