RANS debuts engine install retro kit

RANS has introduced an engine install retro kit. This new install features a sleek fiberglass or carbon fiber cowling.

With no more rad louvers on the top cowl, the new design has a reverse scoop on the belly, and radiator under slung. The benefits are better cooling from a smaller, lighter radiator, less cooling drag, and easier engine maintenance, according to company officials.

Without the large top-side mounted radiator, the carbs are now easier to access, officials add. The under-slung radiator naturally fills without air entrapment.

Two versions of the cowling are offered in either fiberglass or carbon. The carbon saves 4.4 pounds off the empty weight. Overall the system reduces the up-front weight by 10 pounds up to 14.4 pounds when opting for the carbon, according to company officials. Another 13 pound weight reduction can be had by going to a lighter battery placed on the firewall.

“Our demo weighs in at 671; if we go to the light battery we drop to 658,” company officials said in a prepared statement. “At this point our payload is 662. That makes the Coyote one of the highest payload planes on the market.”

For more information: RANS.com


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