House blocks light bulb mandate — is ethanol next?

According to The Hill, the U.S. House this week blocked implementation of light bulb mandates that are part of the same EISA 2007 Act that mandates the adulteration of our nation’s gasoline supply with ethanol.

According to the article, “The House on Wednesday voted to block the enforcement of light bulb standards that many say would effectively force people to buy more expensive compact fluorescent bulbs. Just like last year, Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) proposed the language as an addition to the energy and water spending bill. His language prohibits the use of any funds at the Department of Energy to implement the standards. Burgess said the federal government should not use regulations to impose standards that force consumers to buy the pricier bulbs, and said the market should be allowed to sort it out.”

Virginia Congressman Bob Goodlatte appears to agree.  According to Bloomberg News, this past April he introduced two bills that would repeal the ethanol mandates that resulted from EISA 2007.

When it comes to aviation fuel, we could not agree more with these Congressman — let free markets, not bureaucrats and politicians, sort what is best at each airport.


  1. Joseph N. Greulich says

    Well now we have one vote for common sense, A few months before CFLS the EPA was saying that the mercury in these units were very poisionus (it is) and they were warning people. Overnight they announced that they will be required over conventional bulbs…. What gives now it is OK to poision ourselves ! One would wonder why a warning is not placed on the box ! While they are energy saving and I use them, I do not place them in a lamp were children can knock them over or play with them !

  2. Ed Watson says

    Just name a few areas where we are NOT told what to do, how to act or what fee to pay in homage to our Dear Leader and his minions.
    As a now retired 300+ hrs/year business pilot I would find it onerous to fly in today’s environment as much as I would LOVE to see glass panels, GPS, ADS-B navigation, iPads in action, and the rest of the wonders of today it is now only a dream. My old 1960′ Bonanza was graced with dual nav (VOR), terrain displays and ILS etc. with steam gauges to find the way, and I miss her to this day. Today’s Cirrus’ the Vision are dreams of what will be.

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