Thunderbirds to start flying again

The Air Force says many of its combat air forces — including the Thunderbirds — will start flying again after being grounded since April because of budget cuts. A report from the Associated Press notes theDefense Department received authority from Congress to shift about $7.5 billion from lower priority accounts to more vital operations.


  1. says

    So, the joke is over? The con dreamed up by our wonderful leftists on the hill to dupe americans into believing every “crisis” they can dream up to push agendas? OK lets finally move forward (thier favorite Marxist word).

  2. Rich says

    I would hardly call this “vital”

    The Blue Angles and the Thunderbirds are the advertising wing of those two military services.

    What company stops advertising when “sales ” are down?

    This was nothing more than a prank to make life miserable for American citizens and make small towns suffer.

  3. says

    The “jackass’s” is Washington have no idea of the economic domino effect cancelling the Thunderbirds/Blue Angles at various shows has on many local/regional incomes. I was planning on attending one scheduled in Burlington, (VT) in August – CANCELLED!
    I should have voted for Pat Paulsen decades ago!!!

  4. Jimbo says

    THE LIBERALS r getting heat from their constituents finally. Dingy Harry’s ideas have gone nowhere. How the citizens of Nevada can relect this MORON is beyond belief.

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