Rare opportunity to fly in a Huey

Perhaps there is no more iconic symbol of the Vietnam War than the venerable UH-1 Huey helicopter. On Monday, July 29, Tuesday, July 30, and Thursday, Aug. 1, Huey #354 will be available for rides from 9 a.m until 4 p.m. the Fond Du Lac County Airport (FLD) in Wisconsin, just up the road from Oshkosh.

Huey #354 is part of the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation and will also be appearing as part of the air show at AirVenture this year.

The Bell UH-1 Iroquois, known by all as the Huey, first flew in 1956 and was the first helicopter powered by a turbo shaft engine that controlled the two bladed main rotor as well as the tail rotor. The UH-1 went into full production in 1960 and over 16,000 Huey’s were produced. The first combat service for the Huey, in 1963, was in Vietnam and the US Army utilized the Huey for troop transport, medical evacuation (MEDEVAC), search & rescue and all general utility roles. Depending on the mission, the Huey could fly with a crew of up to four.

Huey #354 (N354AF) is one of four flyable UH-1s owned by the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation. #354 flew over 1,500 combat hours in Vietnam and has been  restored by members of the foundation, in the exact markings that were on the aircraft when it served in Vietnam. The Huey was acquired from the Georgia National Guard in 2008.

“Folks love to fly with the veterans and aircraft that made history and that’s why we enjoy making #354 available for rides as often as possible,” said Rick Welch, director of the foundation.

Price per rider is $60 and the minimum age requirement is 5 years old. Reservations are not necessary during this rare three-day opportunity, but all flights are flown on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information: 770-897-0444 or ArmyAv.org


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    The UH-60 Blackhawk flies faster ,carries more, goes higher and farther. Yet when the last Blackhawk is retired it will go to the scrapyard as a sling load under a HUEY! They may not be the prettiest, but they work in the dirt and several of my friends are alive because a Huey came back with them.

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