Taper pin tool now at Aircraft Spruce

The M-4 Control Yoke Taper Pin Tool is a specialty tool that was designed to counter the frustration of removing the control wheel taper pin.

With the aid of the M-4 tool, even the most stubborn taper pin can be removed in minutes, not hours, without vibration or stress being induced on your aircraft or the surrounding delicate instruments and avionics, according to officials at Aircraft Spruce.

The tool is self-indexing, locking the taper pin in position and securing itself in place for easy pin removal.

The M-4 Control Yoke Taper Pin Tool can be used on Piper, Cessna, and Mooney aircraft.

The M-4 Control Yoke Taper Pin Tool is being offered at a special reduced price of $195.

For more information: 877-477-7823 and reference part number 12-02620 or go to AircraftSpruce.com

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