Archer flown on autogas makes its way to Oshkosh

A Piper Archer, powered by a 180-horsepower Lycoming O-360 fueled with Airworthy AutoGas 93 Premium unleaded, was successfully flown from Vero Beach, Florida — Piper Aircraft’s home base — to Oshkosh, Wis., and will be on display at Airventure next week.

Departing Vero Beach on Friday, July 19, the experimental aircraft, piloted by David Athay of Piper, arrived at Oshkosh on Saturday, July 20, making three scheduled fuel stops along the way, at Vidalia, Ga. (KVDI), Somerset, Ky. (KSME), and Valparaiso, Ind, (KVPZ). The aircraft was also re-fueled at Oshkosh (KOSH).

“A special thank you goes out to Donald at KVDI, Kelly at KSME, Joe and Ray at KVPZ, and John and Gerard at KOSH; each of these individuals assisted us with fueling the aircraft; we couldn’t have completed this flight without their help,” said Mark Ellery, Airworthy Autogas’ Director of Business Development and a passenger on the flight.

“The aircraft encountered a wide range of weather conditions along the way. Flying VFR and IFR, the Archer and Lycoming O-360 never missed a beat, and met our performance expectations,” said Ellery. “I can think of no better place to have flown an experimental aircraft, fueled by Airworthy AutoGas, than to Oshkosh; and, no better place to re-fuel than at the EAA’s Colonel Week’s hangar. This flight really makes a decisive statement about the high quality and suitability of Airworthy AutoGas 93 Premium Unleaded.

Airworthy AutoGas 93 Premium Unleaded is a patent pending, ethanol-free, automotive gasoline formulation that meets the requirements of ASTM D4814 and Lycoming Engine’s SI 1070, and is suitable for use in a majority of general aviation aircraft, according to officials with the Phoenix-based company.



  1. Kent Misegades says

    Congratulations Mark Ellery, and thanks to Piper and Lycoming for helping promote the use of aviation-grades of mogas, a great means to lower the cost of flying.

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