New engines, instruments to be unveiled at Oshkosh

MW Fly will introduce a new line of Aeropower engines rated from 115 to 150 horsepower at AirVenture next week. The engines also include new engine-monitoring instruments developed by P.A.T. Avionics

Developed and manufactured in Italy, the new engine line is water-cooled and features electronic fuel-injection, integrated reduction gear, and dual fully redundant ECUs, according to company officials.

HSA_M_PhotoThe new HSA-M engine health status annunciator provides information on engine temp, oil pressure, fuel pump, battery, generator, and ECU health. It even tells the pilot when the engine is ready for takeoff, company officials said.

According to Tony Watkin, president of Bush Caddy, a Canadian aircraft kit maker that is the first company to offer the new engine and instruments in North America: “The new MW Fly geared and fuel injected engines with their powerful Health System Annunciator by PAT Avionics are a prefect option for our aircraft.”

PAT Avionics has also developed a new PROP-M electro-hydraulic prop governor that automatically sets prop pitch for best performance in all flight phases for experimental aircraft. If preferred, the pilot can select manual override for prop settings.

MW Fly engines have already been mounted on a number of experimental aircraft and rotorcraft in Europe, Russia and South Africa.

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