RANS debuts aircraft covering conversion kits

RANS now has conversion kits for several of its models that allow owners to convert pre-sewn Dacron envelope covered planes to the Superflite fabric.

The kits include all the parts needed to adapt the wings, according to company officials.

s-6es_standard_wing_dope_and_fabric_retro_kit“If your plane is coming up for re-cover, consider a conversion kit,” company officials said in a prepared release. “You can enjoy the benefit of increased performance and longer skin life. The performance increase comes from the wing ribs being more stable. In the pre-sewn Dacron envelope system the ribs insert into pockets, this means as the plane increases in speed the bottom ribs tend to curve up, creating an under-cambered airfoil. That robs speed from cruise. Planes that are converted show as much as a 10% increase in cruise speeds, and rates of climb. Stall speeds are reported lowered by three or more mph. The only exception to this would be the S-6ES when equipped with the Sport Wing. The Sport Wing features one-piece stamped ribs, which hold conformity, thus the wing performs almost identical to traditional covered wings.”

Kits are available for the following RANS aircraft:

  • S-6ES Standard Wing
  • S-6ES 116 Wing
  • S-12
  • S-12XL
  • S-14 Standard (116 wing)
  • S-14 139 Wing
  • S-18

For more information: 785-625-6346, RANS.com

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