First electric flight for Erik Lindbergh

When a leading proponent of a fresh idea, in this case airplanes powered by electric motors, finally has a chance to use the technology it can significantly heighten his motivation. Such was the case when Erik Lindbergh took the opportunity to fly GreenWing International’s pure-electric eSpyder.

About his first flight in electric aircraft Lindbergh observed, “Like any first flight it was thrilling and nerve wracking at the same time. I had never flown an ultralight before and had never soloed in an aircraft that I hadn’t first had dual instruction from someone sitting next to me.”

Greenwing's Tian Yu (left) and Erik Lindbergh

GreenWing’s Tian Yu (left) and Erik Lindbergh

The single seat eSpyder is based on a former ultralight design that will initially be marketed as an Experimental Amateur Built and later as a Light-Sport Aircraft when FAA approves the use of electric motors as a propulsion system. Erik’s first flight in eSpyder can be seen at this link

“GreenWing was excited to be able to offer Erik Lindbergh the opportunity to fly an electric plane after his years of advocacy and support for manned electric flight,” said company spokesman Eric Bartsch.

Lindbergh is the founder of Lindbergh Electric Aircraft Prize (LEAP) and Electric Aircraft Development Alliance, which is now part of Lindbergh Foundation’s Aviation Green Alliance.

“I discovered excellent integration of battery, controller, motor and aircraft in eSpyder and believe this to be a mature product that is on the leading edge of a revolution in general aviation,” continued Lindbergh.

A longtime pioneer in electric flight, Yuneec International is supplying all these components and will continue developing the state of the art in electric propulsion.

GreenWing will have two eSpyders flying at this week’s AirVenture.

“We look forward to many pilots around the world getting to follow in Erik Lindbergh’s footsteps and experience electric flying,” added Bartsch.

GreenWing International can be found in AirVenture’s Innovation Pavilion. The company’s flying display is located in Ultralight 938 and two professional pilots will perform above the main runway in a pair of eSpyders just after 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 1.

Not able to attend the big show? Find out more at

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