iFly 520 debuts

Just introduced is the iFly 520 Aviation GPS, a new 5-inch brother to the iFly 720, with an introductory price of  $399.

Like its big brother, the iFly 520 is sunlight readable and provides both VFR and IFR situational awareness in a 5-inch touchscreen GPS, according to officials with Adventure Pilot.

The new design accommodates an internal lithium-ion battery along with the internal WAAS enabled GPS receiver. The iFly 520 includes many advanced features found on the iFly 720. Performance on the new model is based on a 1.3gHz Arm processor and includes an 800 x 480 full-resolution touchscreen that is viewable in bright conditions.

iFly520MovingMap300dpiThe 520 will support connectivity to many of today’s autopilots and EFIS components via a USB to serial cable. The iFly 520 is also targeted to work with many of the ADS-B receivers supporting wired connections on the market — wired ADS-B support is currently in development and planned for release on the iFly 520 later this year, company officials said.

The 520 features an internal GPS receiver, providing WAAS accuracy without an external antenna, though one is optional for panel installs. Included accessories are a suction mount, quick release cradle, AC adapter, DC adapter, SD card adapter, soft case and 2-month free trial VFR/IFR data subscription.

Additionally, the iFly 520 offers pilots multimedia tools for music, photos as well as video. Multi-tasking function allows the iFly 520 to play music in the background, while in GPS navigation mode. The 520 includes a built-in speaker or audio output for support of device, multimedia and aviation alerts.

For more information: iFlyGPS.com or 888-200-5129


  1. John Reed says

    Is a cigarette lighter type adapter available for the 520? Does it bypass the internal battery? Is the adapter standard equipment? How does the 520 provide all features? Is it completely self powered in all aspects? What software number is standard with purchase?

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