Mooney celebrates 60th anniversary of M20 at Oshkosh

The Mooney Aviation Co. will celebrate the 60-year anniversary of when Mooney began to manufacture its M20 fleet of airplanes at this week’s AirVenture.

“This is an historic time for Mooney and being present at AirVenture is an opportunity to celebrate with our loyal Mooney owners. We want to remind them that we are actively in business,” says Barry Hodkin, Chief Financial Officer. “There are over 7,000 airplanes in service out of the 11,000 Mooneys manufactured in Kerrville so customer support is our top priority.”

Mooney engineers and manufacturing experts continue to focus on support for the fleet. In addition to Mooney staff support, there are over 50 Mooney service centers that are preferred suppliers of parts and services for the Mooney owners.

To celebrate the 60-years of the M20, Mooney will be giving away a commemorative 60-year t-shirt to Mooney owners at AirVenture who bring a copy of their Mooney registration to the Mooney booth located in spaces 174-175, located west of Rockwell Collins Exhibit Hangar C and southwest of the intersection of James Ray Blvd. and Museum Rd.

At the booth, Mooney will be celebrating its heritage by honoring two Mooney legends along with two airplanes from its M20 line. Jack Wiegand, who recently broke the record for the youngest person to fly solo around the world, will be on hand, along with the airplane he chose for his record-breaking flight: the N432BG.

Lee White, a highly regarded racing driver and head of Toyota Racing, will also be at the Mooney booth. He applied his racing skills to his Mooney 231 and set national and world speed records in 2000.

Mooney historians will also enjoy seeing an original 1955 M20 that will also be on display.

“We’re delighted to have these pilots and airplanes at Airventure as part of our 60-year anniversary,” noted Hodkin. “They illustrate the evolution of the M20 line from the original wood wing model designed by Al Mooney to its ultimate form.”

While Mooney is currently not manufacturing airplanes, there is reason for optimism as the company continues to discuss new investment opportunities with interested parties.

“Nobody is quitting on the Mooney brand,” says Hodkin. “It’s among the most respected aviation brands in the world. Difficult economic times have caused us to suspend production for the last several years, but we’re definitely looking at getting back in the game.”

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  1. Tom says

    The first plane I ever bought was a used 1965 M20C in 1973. It’s still flying 48 years later, but I sold it years ago. A great aircraft! I’d love another.

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