Production engineering begins on SeaDragon Gen2

Independent Aircraft has begun production engineering of an all composite amphibious light-sport aircraft (LSA) called the SeaDragon Gen2.

The original proof-of-concept, the SeaDragon, was accredited in Jane’s “All the Worlds Aircraft” for being the first all composite amphib specifically designed for the LSA category.

“We have kept our head down, flying under the radar while quietly putting together the infrastructure and strategic alliances, giving the SeaDragon Gen2 a first to market opportunity for an American produced all composite amphibious LSA” said John Brown, CEO of Independent Aircraft. “Not only have we put in place the manufacturing aspects, but we also have training, distribution and, for the bigger picture, service, maintenance, and repair to cover the SeaDragon Gen2 once it’s in the hands of the end user, be it a flight school or a private individual.”

The SeaDragon Gen2 offers more “bang for the buck,” according to Brown because it can be used as a primary trainer in the LSA category, while flight schools can also offer tailwheel endorsements and seaplane ratings with the aircraft.

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