Zlin Cub-S makes Oshkosh debut

The 180-hp Titan Stroker IO-340 powered Zlin Cub-S is coming to the United States as a light-sport aircraft (LSA). SportairUSA, the U.S. distributor for aircraft manufactured by Zlin Aviation, will display the Cub-S in Oshkosh this week during AirVenture.

With its power-to-empty weight ratio of 4.74 lbs/hp (7.33 lbs at MTOW), the Cub-S climbs at up to 2100 fpm. Takeoff roll is 60 feet with one pilot, or 81 feet fully loaded, according to company officials. Cruise speed is 112 mph at 75% power, even when equipped with 31-inch Alaskan Bushwheels and 6-inch extended landing gear.

“The Cub-S performs brilliantly in difficult, remote operations,” said SportairUSA’s Bill Canino. “This is a lot of airplane for less than $125,000.”

The first two deliveries are scheduled for November of this year.

The Cub-S is the result of two years of study by Zlin Aviation in collaboration with experienced Alaskan bush pilots. This new airplane tops the Zlin line, which also includes the Savage Bobber, Cub, iCub, Cruiser and Classic.

For more information: Cub.aero

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