Dual Electronics launches XGPS160-Sky Pro

HEATHROW, Florida – Dual Electronics Corp. has introduced the XGPS160 SkyPro GPS Receiver. Designed specifically with pilots in mind, the SkyPro GPS Receiver offers even faster satellite signal acquisition, simultaneous GPS (USA) andGLONASS (Russia) satellite systems reception, route recording, and position updates up to 10 times per second, according to company officials.

The XGPS160 connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to up to five devices, and its internal rechargeable battery lasts 10 hours of continuous use, officials add.

The XGPS160 is shipping now and will be available for purchase at this week’s AirVenture in Oshkosh. Price: $149.99.

The WAAS GPS receiver works with all current EFB apps, including ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot and WingX Pro7. It is certified to work with all Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices, as well as with Bluetooth-enabled Android, OS X, and Microsoft Windows and Surface devices.

The non-slip pad, introduced by Dual with the original XGPS150, is included, along with a 12-28VDC charging adapter. Also like the XGPS150, the XGPS160 includes a free Status Tool app, which displays detailed receiver and satellite information. The app will also allow the route recording feature to be turned on or off, and the route information to be exported.

For more information: DualAv.com and GPS.dualav.com.


  1. Bob Morgan says

    I own two of the XGPS 150s one used by me foe Charity Flights and the other used by my son. Just wondering if you have a “trade up” program for the upcoming holidays??


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