Wipaire receives approval for Cessna 208B on Wipline 8750 floats

OSHKOSH — Wipaire, Inc. announced on opening day of AirVenture that it has received certification of Wipline 8750 on the new Cessna 208B Grand Caravan EX and Grand Caravan.

Wipline 8750 floats feature no landing weight limitations on water or land for short-haul operations, company officials explain.

The Wipline 8750 features an improved main gear retraction mechanism designed for low maintenance and an improved oleo design, officials add.

For higher gross weights, the floats have added buoyancy in the aft of the float, coupled with a new hull design to improve handling in rough water. Grand Caravan owners can operate their aircraft at a gross weight of up to 9,062 pounds on Wipline 8750 floats, depending upon aircraft configuration, officials note.

Wipaire also holds approval for a single-point fuel modification on the Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, which can be installed in either landplane or seaplane configuration. It allows the aircraft to be filled from the ground, company officials said.

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