Lightspeed debuts Zulu PFX headset

OSHKOSH — Lightspeed Aviation has introduced the Zulu PFX, its new ANR aviation headset.

The new headset is designed around Lightspeed’s new proprietary PFX (for Personal Flying Experience), which refers to a trio of proprietary innovations that allow the headset to adapt to its user and the cockpit environment, creating customized ANR responses and a personalized audio profile:

  • Acoustic response mapping uses sound waves and advanced signal processing to measure the user’s ear size and shape, adapting the audio response to each pilot’s unique auditory landscape.
  • Streaming Quiet dynamic ANR uses external ambient microphones to continuously sample cockpit noise before it penetrates the ear cup. A powerful digital processor analyzes microphone inputs one million times a second, instantly creating customized ANR responses.
  • A variety of audio and other pilot preferences can be personalized using enhanced capabilities in FlightLink, the free, proprietary app developed by Lightspeed for the iPad and iPhone.

“Zulu PFX is the result of over two years of development and we are excited about the improvements we can offer pilots in their flying experience as a result,” said Allan Schrader, President of Lightspeed Aviation.

Zulu PFX is offered in configurations to fit nearly any aircraft and will be available to ship by the end of September. Orders are currently being accepted by authorized Lightspeed dealers and on the company’s website.

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