Phillips 66 Aviation introduces credit card with fuel rewards for GA pilots

OSHKOSH – The nation’s largest network of branded FBOs, Phillips 66 Aviation, is launching a new credit card for pilots that provides opportunities for triple WingPoints Rewards and double Young Eagles Fuel Rebates.

The no-annual-fee card brings Phillips 66 Aviation’s WingPoints Rewards Program to avgas pilots, who can earn triple WingPoints through the end of 2013 that are immediately redeemable online for debit or gift cards, company officials said Wednesday at AirVenture.

The card will be accepted at hundreds of FBOs, as well as thousands of Phillips 66, Conoco and 76 gas stations nationwide. Phillips 66 Aviation has nearly 900 branded FBOs in its coast-to-coast network.

Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Card - straight on“Recreational pilots now have a credit card that not only makes their daily travels and weekend excursions easier, it can reward them for their Phillips 66 Aviation avgas purchases,” explains Rosemary Leone, Programs Development, General Aviation, Phillips 66. “You can use the personal card to charge fuel, tie-downs, hangar fees and other FBO services.”

Volunteer pilots who fly qualified Young Eagles flights can get a $2-a-gallon avgas rebate using the personal card through December 2013.

The offer – double the usual $1-per-gallon rebate – is part of the 20-year-old Phillips 66 Aviation Young Eagles Fuel Rebate, which began in 1994 to encourage pilots to fly more often for EAA’s then-fledgling Young Eagles program. Since then, thousands of volunteer pilots have taken hundreds of thousands of youths flying using the Phillips 66 Aviation Young Eagles Rebate.

With the card launch, Phillips 66 is enhancing its WingPoints Rewards Program specifically for pilots purchasing aviation gasoline, offering triple points through the end of the year.

“Recreational pilots have asked for ways to earn WingPoints faster – and with this promotion they have a way to do so,” says Leone.

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  1. Kent Misegades says

    Very nice. Now do something that would REALLY help pilots and start offering aviation-grade mogas to your airport customers, Phillips66. Your competitors in Europe have been doing this for many years, why can’t you?

    • says

      Kent, I agree that would be great, but at least Phillips66 is not telling us we can not use their products, they may well be our best bet for a national FBO distributor. You have probably seen these, but here for every one else the Exxon/Mobile memo from last Nov., “the Exxon/Mobil Aviation position is that diesel powered aircraft should not be fueled with jet fuel.”. As for non ethanol gasoline the Marathon rec. 90/91 is great and available east of the Mississippi river however, check the company website, “Marathon gasolines should not be used in any type of aircraft.” As long as the legal departments and CFO’s are running these companies we will have many more problems. The engineering solutions are fairly simple the instant profit and liability fear are preventing the future.

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