GRT Avionics sponsors ‘world’s smallest jet’

GRT Avionics now sponsors Lewis & Clark Performance, featuring the “World’s Smallest Jet” Airshow and the FLS Microjet.

“GRT avionics systems provide our FLS Microjet with one of the most advanced cockpits ever developed in the experimental aviation industry,” said Microjet builder and pilot Justin Lewis. “I chose the GRT Horizon EFIS system when I built the Microjet because it’s capable of providing me with vitally accurate information while operating in a variety of dynamic environments, whether it’s during an airshow performance or flying precision radar testing profiles for the government. We are thrilled to have GRT as a sponsor for the 2013 airshow season. With GRT’s support, The FLS Microjet will continue traveling to airshows across the country.”

2011-04-23 17.31.43In July 2011, Lewis & Clark Performance brought back  a modernized version of the tiny BD-5J called the FLS Microjet to the airshow circuit. Remembered as “James Bond’s Jet” and made even more popular by the former Coors Light “Silver Bullet” jet team, the FLS Microjet is considered to be the “World’s Smallest Jet.”

“Lewis & Clark’s Airshow is a fascinating up-and-coming act that we’re happy to have on our team,” said Katie Bosman, GRT Marketing Director. “Justin demonstrates the precision and reliability of our EFIS systems every time he flies, and we’re proud that he chose our system for such a demanding environment.”

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